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RGB driver board

This board is the perfect complement to drive common-anode RGB strips from a panStamp. It features three NDS351AN MOSFET transistors, one per color channel, capable to drive more than 1 ampere each.

RGB driver
Figure 1 : RGB driver board for panStamp

This RGB driver board works out-of-the-box with our rgbdriver sample application. Each color channel can be independently controlled by sending a wireless 0-255 level command. Besides, all channels can be simultaneously controlled by means of a 3-byte combined RGB level (up to 16777215 possible combinations).


  • Power supply: 12 VDC, 3 A.
  • Maximum current per channel: 1.4 A.
  • Type of RGB strip: common-anode, 5 m, 30 LED's

RGB driver boa
Figure 2 : RGB driver board connected to RGB LED strip

Mode of operation

From Lagarto, individual colors can be controlled by entering a value between 0 and 255. Combined RGB colors can be set from 0 to 16777215.

RGB control from Lagarto

Figure 3 : RGB control from Lagarto

Depending on the amount and power of LED's you will need to power the RGB driver board from a well capable power supply. 5 m RGB (30 LED) strips typically consume 3 amperes when full white color is set.

RGB driver connections

Figure 4 : RGB driver board, top view and pinout

Since panStamp is programmable from the Arduino IDE, you may want to add your own logics, color sequences and macros into the actuator itself instead of relying on an external computer. This is the real power of panStamp, distributed wireless controllers capable to communicate and take decisions by themselves.