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panStick 1.2

panStick is a USB mother board for panStamps. Used to program panStamps, it also acts as a serial gateway to the wireless network. Simply place a panStamp on the panStick, program the panStamp with the modem application, and plug the dongle to your computer. This is the simplest way to connect wireless networks to any computer application, including lagarto-swap and SWAPdmt.

panStick US

Figure 1 : panStick USB board

panStick is also a compact development board. Thanks to the available contacts, you can solder pin headers under the board and plug the panStick+panStamp dongle on a breadboard, having access to panStamp's pins for your developments. You will then be able to connect your sensors directly to your panStick whilst keeping your panStamp accessible via USB.

panStick pinout

Figure 2 : panStick pinout

panStick includes an on-board voltage regulator which takes the power directly from the USB bus.Thanks to this regulator, panStick is able to power your sensors up to 250 mA always at 3.3 VDC. The USB board also includes a reset button that will let you restart your application without having to unplug the board.