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Battery-board is a flexible base board for panStamps. This board takes the power from a single AA battery and can host multiple sensors, including temperature, humidity and pressure ones. Using the proper programming techniques, this board can run for months from a single battery so it's really suitable for building automation, environmental monitoring or agroalimentary applications.

panStamp Battery-board for wireless sensor applications

Figure 1: panStamp Battery-board for wireless sensor applications

Battery-board works out-of-the-box with some sensors and sample applications (temphumpress and bininps) and it is also provided with mounted sensors (see product page).

the core of this board is the step-up voltage regulator, actually a MAX1724, which transforms 0.8 - 1.5 volts supplied by the AA battery into 3.3V, a voltage accepted by most sensors nowadays.

Battery-board is perfect for prototyping since most panStamp pins are available on the left side. On this side, users can solder external sensors or mount 3.5 mm terminals for further comfort. This board also provides some connectivity on the sensor area, with footprints compatible with some well-known commercial sensors.

Battery-board, pin diagram
Figure 2: Pin diagram where D3 stands for Arduino digital pin 3, D7 for Arduino digital pin 7, A5 for Arduino analog pin 5 and so on.

Battery-board is an open source design. You can download the Kicad files from our SVN repository and make the changes that best fit your application. In the meantime, you can download the schematics in form of PDF file from here.

You will see from the schematics that some passive components have not to be populated. Depending on your application, you will need to add some pull-up resistors.