panStamp is an open source project created for the enthusiasts that love measuring and controlling things wirelessly. panStamps are small wireless boards specially designed to fit in low-power applications, simple to program and simple to work with. With panStamps, you can measure almost everything by simply connecting your panStamp to the sensors, placing a battery and sending wireless data from the first moment.

panStamps: wireless arduino compatible modules

are suitable for any kind of project needing remote control and low-power wireless transmissions, including home automation, energy metering, weather monitoring and robot control. If you are one of these three things: a hobbyist, a professional or an end-user, you will find that panStamps provide extreme flexibility and power when creating custom wireless networks.

You can join the panStamp project in different ways:

If you are a developer, you can create your own programs and then upload them onto your panStamps using a standard Arduino IDE. panStamps can then be plugged into any of the available base boards or you can develop your custom boards using your preferred sensors and actuators.

If you are a final user or an integrator and you don't want to write a single line of code, then you can use any of the available applications and base boards. Wireless networks can be easily configured using our Device Management Tool.  Finally, panStamps can be monitored and controlled from a standard computer running Lagarto.

panStamp, compatible with Lagarto and SWAPdmt

and Lagarto make an inexpensive solution that will allow you to create your own wireless networks, measure and control anything, define custom events, upload data to the cloud and trace graphs from real data.

Battery-board with DHT22 dual temperature-humidity sensor

This project also wants to encourage people to share their work with the community. New applications, base boards, ports to other microcontrollers, every contribution is welcome since it will help the panStamp initiative succeed and gain popularity. We at panStamp put our hope in innovation and hence we will continuously work on new releases and new designs. However we are aware of the importance of having a participative community so we want to devote an important amount of our time to hearing from your projects, ideas and suggestions. Thanks to everyone!!