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Wireless LCD driver

posted Feb 17, 2013, 2:21 PM by Daniel Berenguer
lcddriver, our reference application for controlling simple alphanumeric displays, was released some months ago but never posted an article about it. We have wanted to build a prototype as a proof of concept.

panStamp 2x16 LCD driver

There is no secret behind the firmware inside the panStmap. It simply provides different SWAP registers to control each of the LCD lines, the backlight and some binary imputs where to connect a few push buttons to.

The driver board also has the possibility to connect to a TMP36 IC or to any other analog temperature sensor but this feature has not been enabled in the firmware yet. On the other hand, if we ever decide to produce this driver board, we will probably add a relay to control HVAC valves or lights as a kind of low-cost room control unit.

Anyone interested in this design can download the PCB files from our SVN repository. By the way, this design only works with 3.3V 2x16 alphanumeric LCD's.