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Twitting values from Lagarto-MAX

posted May 28, 2012, 4:17 AM by Daniel Berenguer
Sending values to your Twitter account is now part of the clouding services provided by Lagarto-MAX. Similar to the rest of cloud-based actions already supported by our Extended Automation Platform, users can now push current values to Twitter by means of the excellent Python Twitter Tools (PTT) developed by Mike Verdone.

Custom Twitter action
Figure 1: Tweet office humidity from Lagarto-MAX

In order do add this functionality to Lagarto-MAX, PTT has to be installed by simply running " easy_install twitter". Then you will need to configure your Twitter account. In order to do this, you only have to send a first tweet to your account from PTT's command-line tool:

twitter This is my first tweet from PTT

This action will grab your account information in the computer so that Lagarto-MAX or any of the programmed actions will not need to know anything about it.

Some tweets being sent from Lagarto-MAX
Figure 2: Some tweets being sent from Lagarto-MAX

Integration with Twitter was one of the most demanded features due to the possibilities offered by Twitter regarding integration with other cloud-based platforms and also for the ability to redirect tweets to an e-mail address or cell phone.

I hope you enjoy it!