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panStamp NRG is coming...

posted Nov 11, 2013, 3:51 PM by Daniel Berenguer   [ updated Nov 12, 2013, 4:26 AM ]
panStamp NRG, the new version of our flexible wireless modules, is almost ready for beta-test. We have been contacted by lots of developers wanting to help us test the new platform and this is the kind of thing that makes us really proud. We are in fact preparing a special batch of beta units for this community of kamikazes, containing all the necessary to start developing for the new panStamps.

panStamp NRG
Figure 1 : New panStamp NRG

As you may see in the picture above, specifications have changed a bit since the first announcement was posted. We have omitted an on-board EEPROM since the CC430 already includes a specific region in flash (info memory) to save data into. On the other hand, future versions of the board will probably include a footprint on the bottom side for SPI RAM or EEPROM IC's.

One of the strengths of the new panStamp is that each board will be uniquely identifiable in the world thanks to the wafer ID and X-Y position of the MCU in the wafer. Thus, we will be able to use this unique ID as a MAC for our projects or even develop a DHCP mechanism to dynamically assign addresses to our wireless nodes.

And not less important, the onboard LED, thermistor and (optional) accelerometer will make our tiny modules more autonomous than ever. As an example, only a panStamp connected to a 3V battery will make a cheap wireless temperature sensor without the need of a carrier board or an external sensor.

Cheap wireless temperature sensor with panStamp

Figure 2 : Wireless temperature sensor powered by a CR2032 coin cell

The CC430F5137 is a surprising MCU. Hidden behind the modesty of a MSP430, it inherits all the low-power features of Texas Instrument's popular 16-bit cores. Besides the integrated radio, it also provides lots of interesting things like addressable digital pins, unique ID, 12-bit ADC's, hardware RTC, etc. This SOC works in fact perfect with out SWAP protocol, it is very reliable, efficient and, very important, it works with Energia. This great MCU, combined with our stack and all the onboard sensors and carrier boards will make the new NRG modules a serious alternative for any kind of low-power wireless project.

panStamp NRG will be proudly showcased at Smart City Expo (Barcelona) between 19-21 November so if you are in Barcelona around those dates please come to visit us at Hall 2, booth F 648 (Innovation Zone).