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panStamp is now fully Arduino-1.5 enabled

posted Aug 12, 2014, 3:14 AM by Daniel Berenguer   [ updated Aug 25, 2014, 8:15 AM ]
Its now official, Arduino-1.5 is now supporting both the panStamp AVR and the panStamp NRG platforms. We can now develop code and program our modules from a unique IDE, despite of the microprocessor being used (Atmega328p or CC430F5137). Having full control over Arduino's hardware files, we have separated the MCU and radio core functionality from the protocol files. As result, we are now able to provide the same core interface syntax for our two architectures and also keep all the SWAP protocol stack into a common library.

Another advantage about this is that new protocols can be implemented as separate Arduino libraries since all the generic RF functionality is contained in the "cores" folder.

A new documentation wiki is being created at this moment, containing information about the new API and the integration with the Arduino 1.5 IDE. The old wiki will be kept alive as the documentation basis for the library and API compatible with Arduino 1.0.x. We encourage our current users to try the new API and sample sketches out and help us beta-test the toolchain for our AVR and NRG platforms. Of course, only some developers are currently owning a NRG beta kit but this is something that will be solved, once the first commercial batch of NRG modules is released in October.

This project has become a titanic work, developed along just a few weeks. Your collaboration will be extremely appreciated!

EDITED: A new forum section has been started to follow the evolution of this project and document bugs and fixes.

EDITED: The new wiki on Github is up and running!