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output-board now with enclosure

posted Nov 8, 2012, 3:17 AM by Daniel Berenguer
You may have notice that the small wall-mountable enclosures for our battery-boards are back in stock. We are happy to announce that, from now on, we'll be offering enclosures for our output-boards too.

DIN rail / wall mountable enclosures for output-board
Figure 1 : DIN rail / wall mountable enclosures for output-board

These enclosures perfectly match the spirit of our output-boards. Providing wall mounting holes and DIN-rail clips, output-boards can now be placed where your loads need to be wirelessly controlled; a true "industrial-rate" wireless controller for your preferred applications.

Enclosure with lid removed
Figure 2 : Enclosure with lid removed

You can now order your enclosures as an option with your output-boards but remember that panStamps are not included.

Enclosure: rear view
Figure 3 : Enclosure: rear view