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New repeater mode

posted Oct 17, 2012, 11:54 PM by Daniel Berenguer   [ updated Aug 20, 2013, 9:35 AM ]
Our Arduino panStamp library now supports repeating packets along multiple repeaters. This feature can be enabled on any "always on" device so there is no need to use dedicated repeaters for this.

How to enable this new repeater mode from firmware? This is a basic example of a repeater being enabled for up to four repeating hops:
#include "regtable.h"
#include "panstamp.h"

void setup()
// Init panStamp
// Enable repeater mode panstamp.enableRepeater(4);

void loop()
Our wiki now includes an introduction to this new functionality too.

At the moment of writing this announcement, only binouts2 has the repeater mode enabled by default. The new binouts2 sample code is based on binouts with some differences:
  • binouts2 drives each output (binary and PWM) from its own register. There is no more need to know the state/value of each output before sending a command to the node. This feature will make our relay boards safer in applications where multiple nodes need to control common outputs. Also interesting for sleeping devices trying to control outputs.
  • binouts2 contains a configuration register which lets us configure the maximum count of repeating hops allowed. Repeater mode can also be disabled by setting this register to 0. This register, being a configuration one, can be set from our SWAPdmt tool.