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Battery-powered sensor boards released

posted Jul 17, 2012, 4:40 PM by Daniel Berenguer
We are proud to announce the release of our first commercial base boards for panStamps. These boards are the perfect entry point for professionals and enthusiasts that want to test panStamp's capabilities out of the box. Users will also appreciate their flexibility and adaptability in wireless sensor applications with low-power requirements.

Battery-powered board for wireless sensor applications

Battery-board is our most versatile board. It mainly consists of a AA battery receptacle, a step-up voltage regulator, a socket for a panStamp and a connection area. This board also includes footprints for some popular sensors.

Battery-powered board for wireless sensor applications
Figure 1: Battery-board

This board takes the power from the AA battery and is able to supply constant 3.3V to the hosted panStamp even after going below 0.8V from the battery. Battery-board is also available with different on-board sensors, as explained below:

Battery-powered board for sensing temperatures wirelessly

Battery-board-TMP36 is basically a Battery-board with a TMP36 temperature sensor mounted on it. This board can be used to host a panStamp flashed with temphumpress (option TEMP).

Figure 2 : Battery-board-TMP36

This board can be used in many applications requiring precise temperature readings within a range (from -40°C to 150°C), including HVAC control and weather monitoring.

Battery-powered board for sensing temperatures and humidities wirelessly

In order to do dual temperature/humidity measurements, we provide two different products:

Battery-board-DHT11 is also based on Battery-board and includes a DHT11 dual temperature/humidity sensor. 
Figure 3: Battery-board-DHT11

For those applications where higher precisions are required, we provide Battery-board-DHT22, basically the same product as Battery-board-DHT11 but including a most advanced DHT22 dual temperature/humidity sensor instead of the DHT11.

Figure 4: Battery-board-DHT22

All the above boards are already in stock and can be purchased from our web store. We also invite you to visit our new product pages periodically since we will be releasing new base boards in the next days.